The PPP Kickball Team

Jax at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MNI often think back to when I was working in radio and how we were treated by the management and owners of the station.  At the station I worked at in Minneapolis, it was a locally owned station, the owners knew your name and everyone really enjoyed working there and they always had fun events for the staff.  Prior to working in Minneapolis, I worked for the largest group of radio stations in the country.  Working for them did have some benefits, but you were honestly treated like a number and hard work was very rarely rewarded.  We never want to turn into this.  I often think back to when we first opened and we had 4 employees and from day 1 we always tried to make working at PPP fun and rewarding. We have chosen to run our doggy daycare like the station I worked for in Minneapolis.  We really do value all of our employees and love having fun outside of work with everyone.  This summer we put together a PPP kickball team with employees.  Tonight was our second game and we won!  We really do have fun outside of the PPP! Have a good night.