This is why we hired a groomer!

2 of our regular daycare (Otis the Great Dane Puppy, and Cypress a boxer) dogs have been spending the night for the past few days and their owner called and asked if we could wash them before they came to pick them up. We said that we would, but did not know how much of a chore it would be. Since all of our grooming products have been ordered and are on a truck somewhere between Ohio and Minneapolis we had to do the bath the old fashioned way. We got the hose out and brought the dogs outside. We got Cypress all nice and lathered up and she did pretty good with the bath. Next was Otis who is scared of water. Otis did not want to get wet and was running around the entire outside area to avoid the hose. So Otis got a 1/2 bath :) We tried, but he was not having it!! This is why we have hired a professional groomer with professional equipment. This did provide some great entertainment for everyone at the daycare!

If you are wondering, our grooming spa will be open by the end of September :)