This one's for Rowdy

Rowdy and AmberWe have 2 white boxers that come to doggy daycare very often and they always are excited to walk in the door.  Roxy (who is deaf) and Rowdy both have tons of energy and very rarely take a break from daycare.  Rowdy has torn his ACL and needed to have surgery.  Their parents have been spoiling both of the boxers for the past few days, and today Rowdy went in for surgery.  The surgery is the easy part, try keeping him calm for the next 3 months!!  Roxy and Rowdy's parents made a website so you can track his recovery, check out  I think i am just as nervous as their parents are.  I really do think all of the dogs that come in the building are part of our family and I worry about each one of them.  I just talked to Rowdy and Roxy's parents and his surgery went well.  I know they will talk more about it on their blog. Have a good night.