Yep, you guessed it... Another puppy!  Titan is a 3 month old bulldog puppy, and loves to run and play with Cosi (Fench Bulldog puppy).  When Titan is tired he loves to sleep on the beds!

Today was a great day at the daycare with plenty of black dogs.  12 black dogs to be exact!  Bear, Brandy, Spot, Molly, Parker, Griffin, Mister, Penny, Oscar, Whiskey, and more....  It it always fun to remember everyones names, but we always do great at it!
One more thing.  Heather, who is our Assistant Manager and Trainer has been doing a great job!  She just added a new program called "Train and Play", which is when you drop your pooch off for doggy daycare or hotel and she will work 1 on 1 with them.  It is a great idea and we are the only daycare to offer it in the Twin Cities.  If you have questions, you can visit the training page on our website.
Hope you have a great weekend.  We will be busy making sure we have everything ready for the Thanksgiving rush.