Twins or White Sox and a great video

Today was one of those days that it was hard to be a White Sox fan living in Minneapolis. One of our first customers (Rocky's dad) was sporting his twins gear, and was driving to Chicago to watch the game tonight. I was super jellous and looked up flights to go see the game. Too bad the best fare I found was $965.00. Then when I was just feeling like there was no hope, Ellie came in wearing her White Sox bandanna. Because I am a devoted White Sox fan, she got to wear her bandanna all day long and tease all the other dogs :) Hopefully it brings the White Sox some luck tonight! Who needs a "Circle me Bert" when you can "Put it on the board..... YES!".

Today we had Jenny, our groomer come in for a final walkthrough before her first day of grooming on Saturday. There were a few little things that needed to done, but we are all set.

The day ended, with Boogie's mom asking me if i checked my email. I looked and loved the video that she sent. If you are into pop music, the song "I kissed a girl" was remade into "I kissed a dog". Feel free to watch it, it is pretty funny!