Way to go Amazon.com!

Amazon.comThe other day I blogged about a recent purchase from Amazon.com and how their shipping policy was the craziest thing I had ever seen.  I ordered 12 (2 packs) of AA Batteries and each one was shipped in a different box with lots of bubble packing.  Each box was about 30 times the size of the batteries.  Why could they not put all of the items into one box.  Oh well, the UPS guy and I had a great laugh when I opened it up to show him what was in the box. Sorry that this post is not about the dogs.  Today I left early to pick up our new floor scrubber to clean the floors each night. We have one, but we purchased it used and it is about to break, so I drove 1.5 hours away and brought it back to our daycare.  Our cleaning staff will be so excited.

Have a good night.