Webcam Update

Today was a rainy, but busy day at the daycare. Both play areas were pretty busy, and we were almost to our limit of dogs. Just a quick reminder to make reservations or call ahead if the weather looks gloomy because we fill up pretty fast. We want to make sure each dog gets enough attention and that we have enough staff on hand. All the dogs had so much fun playing and the highlight of my day was giving Bella (in the picture) her bath. Bella is an ex-show dog and you can tell she loves to be groomed! She just stood in the tub like a pro!! Bella is going home today and I am really going to miss her! One of Bella's friends, Keilee, is celebrating her 1st birthday today! Keilee is also a Rottweiler and the 2 of them love to stick together! Keilee also won our Woof-n-Treat costume contest!

This afternoon I made a small change to the webcam page. When you click the link for the front playroom webcam both of the cameras will load on the same page. There will be a few more updates soon!

Have a good night and stay dry!