Welcome Back Bindi

Bindi love dog DaycareBindi, was our first ever dog daycare dog, and her parents were stalking our daycare before we even opened our doors on April 20, 2008.  Bindi came almost every day and she quickly became Roxy (our dog's) BFF.  Well, a few months ago Bindi's mom work schedule changed and bindi started staying home more, but today was her first day back.  Boy did we miss her!  Bindi is great with the big dogs and the small dogs and she really reminds me of Gumby. We are so glad to have her back!! Oh, for all you non iPhone people, we just launched our mobile website.  This will make the webcams load faster on your PDA or Smart Phone.  Just go to our regular website, and it will automatically load the mobile version.

Have a good night.