We're ready for a big week!

Trisha and I took a mini-vacation for a few days last week. We went to visit some wineries in Napa. This is our 2nd trip to Napa and this time we went to some of the smaller wineries. We were on a wine tour, and visited one that had 2 dogs laying around the store! The wine was not our favorite here, but the dogs made up for it! Really how can you go wrong with wine and dogs? Our favorite winery was Frog's Leap, and after taking a 1.5 hour tour of their winery we are sold on them! Plus, they are all green and organic! We bought a bunch of their wine! On the flight back I worked on our "Green Business" application for the city of St Louis Park.

The we spent a little time in San Francisco and checked out a few doggy daycares and boutiques. In the next 2 weeks, we will be taking over the retail area in the front, and you will start to see some new products that we found in San Fran.

Thanks to our wonderful staff that held the fort down when were gone. This was our first time we were really able to get away since we opened the doors and they did a great job! I guess it is like when you are a parent for the first time, it is hard to leave the baby behind. We checked in aout 10 times a day, but everything went VERY SMOOTH while we were gone. We are going to throw them a bash in a few weeks at our employee party!

Hope everyone is ready for a big week!