What a great day!

The thing that is great about the daycare is that we have an amazing staff that we trust and Trisha and I are able to get away every now and then! This afternoon we took our dog Roxy on a long walk around Lake Harriot. Roxy loves to walk and lay down in the water and this was the perfect day for that (can you see Roxy in the picture???)! After stopping for about 4 dips in the water we finally made it home and decided it was time to give her a bath. It just so happened that I had some samples of the TopLine Canine shampoo that we sell in my car. TopLine Canine is a great shampoo which we use in our spa, and it is a local company and the owner brings his dog to us. So we gave Roxy a quick bath in our backyard while the neighbor dog, Stormy looked on. This made me think of all the great dog events that are going to take place this summer. Pet Haven is looking for people to join their team for the 5K-9 that takes place on May 31st at the Depot downtown in Minneapolis. There are a bunch of other great events, and more details can be found on sidewalkdog.com.

Have a great afternoon!