What a nice surprise

Yesterday I stopped into the doggy daycare for a few hours in the afternoon to make sure everything was going ok (and it was!!). One of the regular faces on the webcams in the small dog playroom is Bigsby, who is an 11 year old Weimaraner who really loves the little dogs. About 2 weeks ago Bigsby's family decided that he needed a sister and they adopted Luna (in the picture). Yesterday Luna came to doggy daycare for the first time and she had so much fun!

Since the weather was pretty bad yesterday I had a bunch of projects that I wanted to work ok. Trycia and I went to Ikea to get some new stuff for the daycare. We decided that we needed a bigger desk for our office. So we checked out, and guess what did not fit in her car?? Yep, the desk, so we had to return it. I knew we should have taken my truck. So now I will be going back this week to pick it up.

Another thing that I worked on yesterday was the webcam page on our website. You will notice some changes and now you don't have to scroll to see the webcams. It took me about an hour to learn how to do this, but hope that everyone likes it. This was also another suggestion from one of our customers (in that survey we sent out to everyone). See we really do listen to your feedback ;)

Hope you have a good sunday!