Where are all the dogs?

We had a call from one of our doggie parents today asking why it looked so empty in the play room... It was because all the dogs are loving being outside. Now that the weather is nice out, we are letting the dogs go out for extended periods of time and everyone loves the fresh air. Yesterday both great danes (Otis and Bella) were at daycare and we tried so hard to get them to take a picture with eachother. With a little help from Heather, we were able to do it! We also think that they are boyfriend and girlfriend!

I have some great news to share! We got approval from the city today to expand the outside area. It will be almost double the size and all the dogs will love it. Hopefully the new fencing project can start really soon. We will also we adding a webcam to the outside area so you can watch all the fun.

Have a great weekend!