Which black lab is this????

Quick, can you name which black lab this is??? Times up! It's Captain! There were so many black labs today and they all had a great day playing! Want me to try to name all the black labs? Here goes... Bear, Brandi, Gunner, Caesar, Captain, Mojo, Bella, Missy, Colby, and I know that there are a few that I am missing!

Today, I think we received the ultimate compliment. We are friendly with some of the other doggy daycare owners in the area, and have agreements should anything happen to any of our buildings or if we ever needed anything. One of the other owners were visiting, and they said "wow, it does not smell like dog in here, how do you guys keep it smelling good". So I take that as a huge compliment! Of course we did not tell them our little secret :)

Tonight I am off to take a tour of the Hearing and Service Dog facility with Ali from Sidewalk Dog. It should be lots of fun to see their location.

Oh, one last thing, yesterday I had that "random thought", here is one for today. Did you know that 99% of people can't lick their elbow??!! Have fun trying!