Who is the smartest dog?

photoToday we decided that we should move nap time outside.  Simon the bulldog was the first to lay down, and then everyone else just followed him.  I really do love our group nap times. Trycia and I we were talking with Ash, one of our managers about which breed of dog is smartest.  This got me thinking and I really wanted to know, so thanks to Google, we now know who is the smartest.  We found a top 10 list, and I am not sure if it is right on, but it still makes for some good reading.

Tami our newest addition to the spa had her first day today!  She is great and we are so glad to have her working with us.  We now offer grooming for anyone who wants it (before, it was just for the daycare and hotel dogs).  Both Tami and Jenny are amazing groomers.

Have a good night.