Who wants the ball and great customer service

Our ball loving girls took a minute to pose for the camera today. Both Brandy (black lab) and EmmyLou (brown lab / Retriever mix) love to fetch and chase the ball. Today they played non stop with the ball for about an hour until my arm needed a break.

Today there were a bunch of workers in the building installing our grooming tub. We also had the guy from Qwest installing a new phone line and even higher speed internet. The guy was great, but don't ever try to talk to any of their customer service people. I have spent over 2 hours trying to deal with them and our problem is still not fixed. So if anyone works for qwest, please have a manager call me :) Oh, the super fast internet is working great, now 2 times as many people can stream the webcams. This really makes me understand how important great customer service is and we really try to go above and beyond everyday!! So if you ever have any issues or questions call me at the daycare, or on my cell phone (651-238-7673). How many business owners give out their personal cell phone number?

Have a great night.