Whose ball is it!

Today in the "Zen Den", Alex, one of our staff members took this picture of Cosi (french bulldog) and Brandi (black lab) playing with the ball. Who said that big and small dogs can't get along??!!?? On another note, we are thinking about renaming the "Zen Den", becuse the name makes it sound like none of the dogs play.  In reality the "Zen Den" is very lively and the only room that we bring out toys and balls.   We don't use toys in the other rooms during doggy daycare because of the possession problems that are created over toys, and honestly we don't want to be breaking up fights all day over balls.  So sometimes we will put the dogs that we know enjoy playing with balls and toys into the "Zen Den"  where they can play with them.  Both Cosi and Brandi had a great time in there today. Sorry to cut this short, but I have been editing video for the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl and my eyes are tired of looking at the computer screen.

Have a good night.