Why don't we have a Groupon?

Chego loves his doggy daycare! Today, I jsut took the 3rd call from one of those 1/2 price deal companies... You might have heard of them, their name starts with a G and ends in PON.  Anyway, the guy said that we shoudl offer a deal (this is the 4th time in a month they have called us).  I just wanted to touch on why we have never offered any type of deal for any of our services at Pampered Pooch Playground.  Basically when you sell a deal you have to honor it.  So if the dog is not a good fit for our doggy daycare we still have to allow them to come until the special runs out.  This means we would have dogs that are a bad fit for daycare in the group.  The other reason is that they take over 60% of the sale of the offer.  So in a nut shell, we always put the safety of your dog ahead of everything else :)

Have a good day!