Why people need doggy daycare

Roxy and Zoe tired after doggy daycare Our dog Roxy is 5 and people always wonder why she is so mellow.  It is because she is out of the crazy puppy stage, but she can have her moments when she is wild and crazy!  She gets really tired by just hanging out in the lobby at the doggy daycare!  This week we are dog sitting Roxy's niece, who is 8 months old.  Zoe has so much energy and she is always trying to play with Roxy.  Monday, we took her to doggy daycare and it was so nice to have a super tired puppy at night!  I think Roxy really LOVED having a quiet puppy because that meant she got all of the attention.  Wow!  Sometimes I forget how important doggy daycare is for puppies :)

Have a great day!