Yep, another birthday dog!!

Today is Addison's 1st birthday! Addison is another regular face around Pampered Pooch.

Today is also Earth Day, and I am sure you have seen all the reports on things you can do to go green. It is about time that the mainstream media has finally gotten on the green bandwagon! Did you know that we try to be as green as possible at the daycare?
- 100% recycled flooring in the play areas and training room (it was made from old car tires)
- green cleaning products that are bought in bulk to save on shipping
- energy efficient lighting in the play areas
- we recycle as much as we can (for businesses you pay extra for recycling pick up and many businesses don't want to pay extra for this!)
- biodegradable poop bags that break down at the speed of an apple.
- Some of our new fence for the outside area will be made from recycled material.
- we encourage employees to bring in their own cups for water, tea and coffee.
- Our enrollment forms and printer paper is 100% recycled and we print double sided.
- Our faxes go to our computer, and we can pick if we want to print them our or view them as a .pdf
- and much more!

I bet you never knew that we are "green".

Happy earth day!