Yes, it is still cold!

Today was another really busy day at the daycare! Duke and Ruby were one of the first daycare dogs to come in today. Their mom thanked us for the bath we gave them yesterday and said that they smelled so good! I thought that was kinda strange since we did not give them a bath! This was the 2nd person in 3 weeks to say the same thing. Maybe we should market our smell in a bottle for dogs. The strange thing is some daycares spray the dog with good smelling stuff before they leave, and we decided not to do that. We thought it was kinda cheesy and it is almost as if you are trying to cover up the real smell or something.

Yesterday I talked about this really cool new thing we just ordered for the small dog room. Well I have an update to this. We ordered the same thing for the big dogs as well. We did not want them to feel left out! It should arrive in about 2 weeks, and should be up and running in about 3 weeks. I can't wait! Details soon!

Grimmace, who is in the picture is one of our newer daycare dogs. He spent the day today playing with the smaller dogs including Titan, Bryan, Cosi and Eloise.

Have a good night, I need to get back to my last minute holiday shopping online. Do you have any good gift ideas? Let me know!