Christmas Wish

Earlier in the week we were contacted by KDWB asking if we wanted to help with Dave Ryan's Christmas Wish. Our donation would help a Twin Cities family in need this holiday season and make sure their dog was taken care of! How could we say no to this! Since then, we have gotten emails from many people thanking us for our generous donation, and others asking if they could hear the whole story of where our donation went. You can Click Here to download the MP3 of the story or hit the play button below. Have a great day!


Cheerio - More Fun at Doggy Daycare

From time to time, we enjoy making videos of the Doggy Daycare dogs playing and having a great time while they are at our building.  The past few weeks we have been making short video clips, and we just edited them to music.  Enjoy!  


Cheerio at Pampered Pooch Playground from keithppp on Vimeo.