Night Cleaning Procedure

It all started when...

1- Use the shop vac to clean up large amounts of hair.  The floor scrubber will pick some hair, but large areas need to be cleaned before scrubbing.  You can use the dry mop OR squeege to make piles of hair and then use the shop vac to suck it up.

2- Follow the instructional video on how to use the floor scrubber.   The scrubber will leave some clumps of hair behind the unit, make sure to pick these up.  Please be careful, this unit is expensive, and can easily break.  Please don't hit walls with it and it should NOT be used in the Canine Cove.

3- When done, empty into the mop sink.  It is important to clean out the sink when done as hair will be drained into it.

4- If you have questions please call or ask keith.